Beholder’s Eye

amaro, gin, vermouth
Beholders Eye by @Nickassaur presented by Cocktail Detour


Thank you Nick Assaur for being such an inspiration on Instagram, and for always being so supportive on our posts. Today we are excited to share our celebration to you, and your cocktail Beholder’s Eye.

And one could say this is also an homage to Canada and a few really nice Canadian products we discovered when we were in Vancouver this summer. First of all there was the fantastic Odd Society Spirits distillery where we sampled and bought most of the products used in this recipe. And there was also another new liquid acquaintance in form of Bittered Sling and their funky plum and rootbeer bitter. Now having all those products at home, and seeing your recipe Nick we of course needed to shake it!


Beholder’s Eye



1,5 oz amaro Mia Amata
0,5 oz Wallflower Oaken gin
1 oz sweet vermouth
0,5 oz medium sherry
2 dashes plum & rootbeer bitters
1 pinch salt


Shake with ice and strain into desired glassware. Nick recommends decorating with juniper berries but we used drink stirrers from Air Canada combined with some other Canadian themed props.


tulip glasses

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