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We’re teaming up with Supersoda in this post to feature one of the many high quality sodas they offer; Mexican Cola from Jarritos. Often Mexican cola is preferred in long-drinks because of the sugar used. Mexican colas are usually made with cane sugar, which gives the cola a very smooth sweetness, perfect in drinks!

The Batanga is a classic Mexican cocktail made with tequila, cola and of course lime. The drink, created in 1961, was made famous at the La Capilla bar. The bar owner always stirred this drink using a knife rather than a barspoon. Talk about a cut cocktail!

Tequila and cola mix extremely well. Using lime and not lemon is crucial in this drink we’d say. The more mellow notes from lime complements the sweet cola in such a brilliant way.


Recipe by Don Javier Delgado Corona


2 oz tequila
0,75 oz lime juice
Mexican cola to top up with


Fill a tall glass with ice and and add all ingredients. Stir gently, add a straw and enjoy away.



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