Cuzco presented by Cocktail Detour

The Aperol colours the Cuzco in a very nice way. This subtle pale orange tone is so flattering to any cocktail, it looks immediately delicious we think.

Captain Ron

Captain Ron presented by Cocktail Detour

Captain Ron, adapted by John Henderson, is supposed to be served at room temperature making it ideal to store in a flask and enjoy even when there is not a fridge or ice around.


Mestizo presented by Cocktail Detour

Mestizo is a wonderful cocktail. Boozy, flavorful and interesting. Deliciously orange, smoky and refreshing

The Italian Job

The Italian Job presented by Cocktail Detour

It’s a very visual cocktail, and it definitely tastes as good as it looks. The four ingredients are quite distinctive all on their own, so in one way it’s surprising how well they work together without one overpowering the other. But hey, isn’t this the magic of cocktails, how the sum can be bigger than it’s individual parts!

Naked & Famous

Thanks to the Aperol this cocktail gets a very appealing orange/pink color. The taste however is more dominated by the smoky mezcal, a spirit that we love, so this is definitely our type of cocktail.

Sloe & Steady Cocktail

  Tonight we are shaking a truly smashing cocktail from Oskar Kinberg’s “Cocktail Cookbook“. The Sloe & Steady is a drink made with several brightly colored spirits, hence the finished cocktail gets a very spectacular look. Oskar describes the cocktail as perfumed and we are bound to agree. Especially the violet liqueur adds a very aromatic touch. Do… Continue reading Sloe & Steady Cocktail

Division Bell Cocktail

The recipe for the Division Bell is by Phil Ward and is found in Roberto Simonson’s book A Proper Drink. This is a good mezcal initiation drink as the smokiness from the mezcal is very well balanced by sweetness from maraschino liqueur and fruitiness and bitterness from aperol. The generous addition of fresh lime juice further mellows… Continue reading Division Bell Cocktail

Paper Plane – abano variation

The Paper Plane is made with equal parts bourbon, aperol, amaro and lemon juice. It’s a bittersweet cocktail with both freshness (from the lemon) and depth (from the amaro and bourbon). We like bitter cocktails, so the Paper Plane is definitely for us. If you’re uncertain about if you fancy bitter cocktails, this might be a… Continue reading Paper Plane – abano variation

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