Saint Valentine Cocktail


We’ve been wanting to make a cocktail based on port wine for a while, and today it was time to try theĀ Saint ValentineĀ cocktail.

Because of the port wine, the finalized cocktail gets a very tempting dark red colour. To really showcase this intense redness we chose to serve the cocktail in glassware prepared with ice frozen together with the glass. The idea was to get a good contrast between the cocktail and the ice.

What’s in it

1,5 oz white rum

0,5 oz port wine

0,5 oz grand marnier

0,5 oz fresh lime juice

Shake and strain into chilled cocktail glasses

Because of the spectacular color, this cocktail looks sweet. Well, it’s not. Instead there is actually a subtle bitterness to this drink, which is really nice. The port wine also helps to decrease the alcohol volume a bit, and the the cocktail doesn’t overwhelm you with booziness.

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