Espadin Queen

A very interesting cocktail recipe from Death & Co is the “Espadin Queen”. It combines several ingredients quite overwhelming in itself; absinthe, mezcal and grapefruit. However the combination is exciting and innovative, and the color of the cocktail is very pleasant.

We altered the recipe slightly, as we didn’t have the original ingredient cinnamon syrup available. Instead we used a small amount of agave syrup and added a few drops of grapefruit bitter and cardamom bitter.


Espadin Queen

a few drops absinthe

1,5 oz mezcal

0,25 oz st germain

1,0 oz grapefruit juice

0,5 oz lime juice

cardamom bitter

grapefruit bitter

agave syrup to taste

Shake all ingredients with ice and serve in coupe glass with no garnish.





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