Disco Ball

Sure, both the green and the yellow chartreuse have funky colors. And when mixed with smokey mezcal, the name of this drink is obvious; a Disco Ball it is!

This is an easy cocktail to stir. Made with equal parts of only three ingredients it’s even possible to memorize how to make this one by heart. The result is a relatively sweet, but obviously herbal cocktail with cool added notes from the mezcal. As mentioned, the green/yellow color make the cocktail look really appetizing. Probably more of an after dinner drink, if you’re not too into sweeter drinks try reducing measurements from 0,75 oz to 0,5 oz to make a smaller cocktail.


What’s in it

0,75 oz green chartreuse

0,75 yellow chartreuse

0,75 mezcal

Stirred, not shaken

From “Shake. Stir. Sip.” by Kara Newman (Chronicle Books, 2016)





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