Brandy Crusta

So, using cognac in cocktails is not overly common. The Sidecar is of course an iconic cognac-cocktail most know of, but this time we wanted to try a “Brandy Crusta”. It has similarities with a sidecar, but the brandy crusta uses maraschino liqueur as sweetener (rather than cointreau). Just like champagne in cocktails, cognac adds that extra luxury feel, and it also gives the cocktail a very nice golden, dark brown kind of orange color.

The cocktail tastes great. It’s obviously relatively alcohol strong, although the lemon and maraschino somehow disguise that a bit. Still, it’s a cocktail to sip slowly, but doing so is truly enjoyable.

Is it embarrassing to tell that the vintage glassware we served the cocktail in was found at a thrift shop for around a dollar a pair. We like them a lot more than that!


What’s in a Brandy Crusta?

1,5 oz v.s. cognac

0,25 oz maraschino liqueur

0,25 oz orange curacao

0,25 oz fresh lemon juice

1 dash angostura bitter

Shake all ingredients and serve in a tall cocktail glass with a sugar rim.


This is a classic cocktail so the recipe is widely available. We found it in lovely book “Vintage Cocktails” published by Assouline.




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